JK Grooming was created to ensure a safe and positive experience for both you and your pet.  Customer service is our specialty, and pets are our passion.   We are especially good with geriatric or “troubled” clients.  We are very patient, and will work with your pet’s individual needs and fears.We don’t force them, We teach them .

If you’ve been turned away from another groomer, come see us. We are a family owned small business with 4 groomers.  We’ve  created a unique environment where your pet is cared for on an individual basis.  Our philosophy for grooming is little restraint and lots of love. Your pet gets their own appointment so they get in and out as quickly as possible.  At JK Grooming, while waiting to be picked up, pooches aren’t stuffed into a crate to await your arrival.  They have a comfortable space to relax, take a nap, a drink of water or enjoy a spontaneous wrestling match.  Some dogs prefer to be separated, but the vast majority of doggies love the chance to relax and play while waiting their turn for a bath or to be picked back up and leave happier because of it.  This makes most dogs much happier to come in and return to our shop.  Come see how wonderful grooming can be.  I promise your pet will appreciate how much we care.

About Julianne Krous (Owner)


I’ve worked with animals all of my life.  Through school I volunteered at shelters and helped groom the adoptable pets.  This experience gave me a lot of insight into how important it is to groom your animals on a regular basis.  Upon moving to Colorado I studied and worked as a veterinary technician.  I turned to grooming because it offered me the most interaction with animals, and a more enjoyable environment.